Workplace Benchmark @ Bluefors

25.4.2023, klo 13.00 - 15.00
3.4.2023, klo 00.00 - 21.4.2023, klo 16.00
Mikko Östring, 0503018933,

The winner of the Workplace Awards 2022 competition’s main category is the magnificent cooperation between Agile Work and the technology company Bluefors, which created a workspace for Bluefors supporting the organisation’s international and science-driven start-up identity.

Bluefors was looking for a holistic space concept that would support its identity as an international growth company focused on research and development and provide opportunities as the company grows.

This extensive project combines professional project management, construction consulting and insightful design. Standard solutions were not an option, but the work community was encouraged to achieve top-quality and optimal outcomes.

The benchmark visit will be carried out in English.

The winner of the Workplace Awards: Work environment concept to support growth and standing out

Workplace concept to support Bluefors’ growth

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